Tax Credit

Each year, we have the opportunity to open doors of opportunity to our students. We can direct a portion of our Arizona taxes to specific students, the clubs or activities in which they participate, or a school’s general needs fund.

Send a Vail student to learn in Costa Rica, Spain, Portugal, the Galapagos Islands, New York, Washington D.C., San Diego, the Bisbee mines, Kartchner Caverns… Provide supplies for students in Chemistry Club, Cooking Club, Kindness Club, Robotics Club… Cover a student’s activity fee for football, volleyball, swimming, cross country, orchestra, band, drama, student council… or any activity of your choice. The possibilities are endless!


It’s easy! Keep your Arizona state income tax in Vail and decide how YOU want it to be used. Claim your tax credits with the Vail School District and provide enrichment far beyond the walls of a school building. Visit, select a school, and shop for the activity you’d like to fund. You can select any dollar amount up to $400 (married filing jointly) or up to $200 (filing single). Then simply claim it for a dollar-for-dollar credit on your Arizona taxes. You have until Monday, April 15th to claim your 2023 tax credit, or if that one has already been used, please feel free to hunt for an opportunity to impact a young person with your 2024 credits now.

Thank you for participating in Vail's motto - Where Education Is a Community Effort!