A schools

We received school labels from the Arizona Department of Education (ADE) and the Vail School District (VUSD) has the highest number of “A” schools in Vail’s history! More than 14,500 Vail students attend an A-rated school, and VUSD now has a 3.95 GPA.

VUSD is the second largest school district in Pima county and the top four K-8 schools in Pima County all belong to Vail. This includes charter and public schools. VUSD also has the highest GPA in Arizona for any district with five or more schools and the highest ranking middle school in the state.

The A-F Letter Grade Accountability System, adopted by the State Board of Education, uses a range of metrics to measure student learning that focuses on proficiency, student growth, and students’ readiness for the next grade level. To receive an “A” rating, schools must demonstrate overall performance in each of these areas that is significantly higher than the state's average. 

VUSD has a long history of student achievement, and the tradition continues. Vail is a place where parents are provided with safe and nurturing school communities where their children can obtain a quality education.

“These results are a direct reflection of our district motto, ‘Where Education Is a Community Effort,’” said John Carruth, Superintendent. “Our staff in partnership with parents, guardians, and community members work hard to create conditions where children can thrive. We are incredibly proud of their success.”